A physician contoured the heart on the exhale scan and deep inhale (at 80% of VC) scans, the scans which would serve as the source for the reference datasets … A single time step from a computational simulation of magnetic reconnection. SHA-512b483bdee37e943e284e146ec2097ed6f263f19e5007916e3eff7e1ad5f8ecd99db4419cd5eedff236c22727bc2f920fb7dab28ff8e8de4c64866c3efb4e33e6d The specimen was scanned along the coronal axis for a total of 750 slices. Stag Beetle MetadataNRRD (detached header) For eg; if one chooses to select half of the data set required for partial scan reconstruction from one heart cycle and the rest from another heart … To download the full repository, first follow the Git LFS installation instructionsthen clone as usual: Spacing1x1x1 Spacing1x1x1 Data typeuint8 Identify normal heart structures on a cardiac CT scan. Data typeuint8 Download Download SHA-512b2bf7ba8ba7a7d5a8ea76ccd8fd2c0f5f043079a83cd6a3055e85f5e0a40c1c4d872b9bbc7aedf628989eb57bffd5729767c29fe8ae018c581406b196caa6359 Data typeuint16 Spacing0.267345x0.267345x0.5 41x41x41 (67.3 KB) BibTeX@article{dns, MetadataNRRD (detached header) AcknowledgementMichael Meißner, Viatronix Inc., USA The Christmas tree model was scanned with a Siemens Somatom Plus 4 Volume Zoom Multislice-CT scanner at the general hospital in Vienna. SHA-512a5c1ab3e465d8653e2c089fb343d48e9f3a871a37d1a9fce62a1282f7492b3f3303e20373f6adc7157ed192491b751b59cdeabf8076df9381ffbde460c07c97e MetadataNRRD (detached header) CT scan of a leg of a bronze statue. Download AcknowledgementExperiments were performed by the Cardiovascular Research and Training Institute (CVRTI) and the Scientific Computing and Imaging (SCI) Institute at the University of Utah with funding from the Nora Eccles Treadwell foundation and the NIH/NIGMS Center of Integrative Biomedical Computing under grant P41 GM103545-17. MetadataNRRD (detached header) This test is called a coronary calcium scan when it is done to see if you have a buildup of calcium in your heart … 301x324x56 (5.2 MB) On this side, we can see using multiplanar imaging, with the axial dataset in the top left-hand image, the coronal CT dataset in the bottom left-hand image, and the sagittal plane in the bottom right-hand window. In the coronal view, we can also see the right atrium and the main pulmonary artery. Download A heart scan, also called a heart CT scan or calcium scoring, is a simple, noninvasive method that tells your doctor if you're at increased risk for the most common form of heart disease – coronary artery disease (CAD). Now, that we have been through all of the cardiac structures, are you able to identify these from the axial dataset alone? (2012) Dissipation, enstrophy and pressure statistics in turbulence simulations at high Reynolds numbers. A single time step from a computational simulation of magnetic reconnection. Only contrasted blood vessels are visible. Spacing1x1x1 No contrast agent was used to enhance the blood vessels. The scan was completed 28 January 2000. Spacing1x1x1 MetadataNRRD (detached header) 3T MRT Time-of-Flight Angiography dataset of a human head. Download In addition, we can also see the left anterior descending artery. SHA-512d00f95d1f4cb1da2f3260a722059527ace73514cd57e1c31b6724d18468fd81002f5da704a0c3c7ccf06a329a975dede38cfacf13387dea9ffd8d7542cae62d0 Download Voxel size is 0.2275 mm. (2015) Evidence for Bolgiano-Obukhov scaling in rotating stratified turbulence using high-resolution direct numerical simulations. MetadataNRRD (detached header) Are you able to name the structures that you can see, as the image rotates around in the field of view? Heart scans are done using one of two types of specialized X-ray equipment: electron-beam computed tomography (EBCT or EBT) or multi-detector computed tomography (MDCT). Demonstrating the essentials of abdominal palpation, How to take a detailed history of gastrointestinal symptoms. [00:03:00] different structures that weren't seen at the level of the main pulmonary artery. SHA-51216c663b89799e58292eea0f83c9f07f340f52283af2cdb8c72aa28a9e6368876f60415dc6b2dfe11b53f2efb050b703131d2995e589f857b52c6a6807ea22a13 We can see that the right coronary artery emerges from the aortic root, before it becomes the ascending aorta, and the right coronary artery passes down the right-sided atrioventricular groove. MetadataNRRD (detached header) The tissue was cleared using the Sca/e technique and imaged on a Olympus 2-photon microscope at 20x magnification. 64x64x64 (256.0 KB) year = {2006}, year = {2014}, 492x492x442 (204.1 MB) Entropy field (timestep 160) of Richtmyer-Meshkov instability simulation. A contrast agent was injected into the blood and an aneurism is present. Sreenivasan. Data typefloat32 MetadataNRRD (detached header) Download AcknowledgementThe Johns Hopkins Turbulence Databases; Yeung, P.K., D.A. } MetadataNRRD (detached header) Yeung, Georgia Tech. High frequencies where 99% of the sinusoids are right below the Nyquist frequency. We can see once again the right atrium, the left ventricle, the aortic valve, and the ascending aorta, along with the main pulmonary artery, as we're looking front on to the heart. This scan identifies whether calcium deposits are present in the arteries of your heart. Data typeuint16 Donzis, and K.R. MetadataNRRD (detached header) BibTeX@article{neocortical_layer_1_axons, journal = {Neuron}, Download Download Rayleigh-Taylor Instability AcknowledgementData set provided by Gregory D. Abram and Gregory P. Johnson, Texas Advanced Computing Center, The University of Texas at Austin. MetadataNRRD (detached header) Spacing1x1x1 SHA-51281ee88eabd067b7929a5337d7c709b0b44408394a40318aae917df8b8a72735d3766105c1580938da6ab1670315f93cbc92bb940ae988e6c72b7157c9018d7c4 AcknowledgementMeister Eduard Gröller, Georg Glaeser, Johannes Kastner, 2005 SHA-512afe80be8eebbc99501ce4fc0c2ef3c8bee3d641b3a5fe70603c89675237795d8032933e2b07872fecac198ef43148c3d7531e98deddfb729ba6e64cdcf625f04 SHA-512bf2501e0f035556fa678e683e767028c5d7242baf1f867043ccd01c57d248f290c8b9ab01c1e7a6dd4ebe875ba31ae11dfef4b32c056514d11111d94ae26e080 The dataset has been resampled into an isotropic voxel grid (hence the peculiar slice size). Data typeuint16 AcknowledgementThe Johns Hopkins Turbulence Databases; Rosenberg, D., A. Pouquet, R. Marino, and P.D. 7def5b29b09d6dbb1d39cb1ce0355f3802827b73c078e760e8248a93d4d123390d7da3074dfb6a6a51441cef244ffc743eea8f1ec559ebb63babb8c1c2c18b7c, 5614403591778244d07814a17469961e819801a3cdcf140d7eca433485b82621879a780dae2ab8783da19007c061c38a47e32070d90d8ce91a619e98dc48724d, Andrew W. Cook, William Cabot, and Paul L. Miller, 10293da1c0b6e5e86cbae3534f55209bb2b218e2a3d93a4175464458ead1592bea0eae970751128587c7734bfc6b2d3370c2d1b5ddd600d3b925fd0f38739f66, Three-dimensional simulation of a Richtmyer–Meshkov instability with a two-scale initial perturbation, Ronald H. Cohen, William P. Dannevik, Andris M. Dimits, Donald E. Eliason, Arthur A. Mirin, and Ye Zhou, bf2501e0f035556fa678e683e767028c5d7242baf1f867043ccd01c57d248f290c8b9ab01c1e7a6dd4ebe875ba31ae11dfef4b32c056514d11111d94ae26e080. AcknowledgementMyoungkyu Lee and Robert D. Moser. The test data set is consisting of one enhanced CT scan, several unenhanced CT scans with different levels of breathing and cardiac phase. Spacing0.03557x0.03557x0.03557 AcknowledgementAlessandra Angelucci and Frederick Federer. AcknowledgementAndrew W. Cook, William Cabot, and Paul L. Miller Data typeuint8 SHA-512742831ea384d7dd30fcbfce0383959d3389761a1612acacabbaa2d8532bfc734d32169dce89acaad5ba72185d465eceb62a8b8dfb60c48eeb403810bd98c8a3d We can now see a number of different structures. The images in the coronal and also sagittal plane, however, remain the same because we're still able to image the length of the heart. This dataset has been used in exploring heartbeat classification using deep neural network architectures, and observing some of the capabilities of transfer learning on it. Coronary calcifications can indicate heart … Seven of the subjects had gold coils implanted as fiducial markers in or near the tumor. 832x832x494 (652.2 MB) MetadataNRRD (detached header) MetadataNRRD (detached header) Spacing0.1953x0.1953x0.1953 Download Download SHA-5125614403591778244d07814a17469961e819801a3cdcf140d7eca433485b82621879a780dae2ab8783da19007c061c38a47e32070d90d8ce91a619e98dc48724d I am working on a project to classify lung CT images (cancer/non-cancer) using CNN model, for that I need free dataset with annotation file. Download AcknowledgementTerarecon Inc, MERL, Brigham and Women's Hospital Spacing1.8e-05x1.8e-05x1.8e-05 The neurons are macaque visual cortical neurons labeled with TdTomato fluorescent proteins. 41x41x41 (67.3 KB) journal = {Phys. Stented Abdominal Aorta 958x646x1088 (1.3 GB) And we're now looking at the left ventricle on FAST. Localization Data … 1024x1024x1546 (3.0 GB) Rotational C-arm x-ray scan of phantom of a human skull. Data typefloat32 author = {Lee, Myoungkyu and Moser, Robert D.}, 128x128x128 (2.0 MB) SHA-51256a73bd1f694a09809688f5b0bbf0dfff0ef3e853a34c60c4d51bef02dd96fbfe5191f47c7762bdf7caab6f9a22f1d0e830652779f87c70cc519f345221edd0e author = {Cook, Andrew W. and Cabot, William and Miller, Paul L.}, 256x256x256 (64.0 MB) Richtmyer-Meshkov Instability The greyscale units are Hounsfield units, denoting electron-density of the subject; the scale units are in millimeters. This corresponds to an average of 90 slices per data set … Download The stag beetle from Georg Glaeser, Vienna University of Applied Arts, Austria, was scanned with an industrial CT by Johannes Kastner, Wels College of Engineering, Austria, and Meister Eduard Gröller, Vienna University of Technology, Austria. A microCT scan of dried wood branch (hazelnut). SHA-512b6f3ddccbb2a5585664a3173b86a034f12540f8d306a050074619d7c52780d6b7252757d754682e8b38c4419ac3c3caaab38e12628cbbf18b3814b239429155e MetadataNRRD (detached header) Spacing1x1x1.4 CT Chest/Abd/Plv Sarcoma /u/Medeski83 CT Volume Chest/Abd/Plv Sarcoma /u/Medeski83 XR Spine Previous surgery and accentuated lordosis. Spacing1x1x1 MetadataNRRD (detached header) Data typeuint8 Let us now move down to the level of the aortic root. [00:00:00] During this lesson, we're going to learn how to identify the normal heart structures on a cardiac CT scan. The stag beetle from Georg Glaeser, Vienna University of Applied Arts, Austria, was scanned with an industrial CT by Johannes Kastner, Wels College of Engineering, Austria, and Meister Eduard Gröller, Vienna University of Technology, Austria. A CT scan of the Stanford Bunny. Data typeuint8 [00:08:00] Now, looking at the 3D volume rendered image. Data typefloat32 Roettger, VIS, University of Stuttgart Spacing0.9x0.9x0.9 Each 1024x1024 pixel slice is 0.047 mm thick, with an interslice spacing of 0.047 mm and a field of reconstruction of 22 mm. AcknowledgementWalter Reed Army Medical Center, USA 1.5T MRT 3D CISS dataset of a human head that highlights the CSF (Cerebro-Spinal-Fluid) filled cavities of the head. 58c8de50e5e9638278a36c9ddb10d0948721b5821e62dff3dada7b783341b6e5d346014b8545f504eb33952ea5c91e3ca93d10a5ce6a78b32ecabd10bb9438f3. 578854b1e8d368e7b5084cd81bf23d648a8ce63d648dcbe705f465abbb9396d684b3647c389840f671d7a2f5b2cd3676103dda4967e40f418e2b08b73f3ac318, 31f1232cbf75b0182f172375e46cc57fe013c0edaae292f2358e2477052ca974faae92efd803a2d229172b851b5ddaa461129872b89bd6ce45d43bfe595eed43, f929fb231367792b260db6de2214fb64a27785870f472503930cf34c6cc7b1c22603c1eb2164381ec1f799c8e1040a151edca4e094d2ed1cbfc70a85d4f1eba8, The Computer-Assisted Paleoanthropology group and the Visualization and MultiMedia Lab at University of Zurich (UZH), eec310efd5898de3bff874365966b583418fbebede360a832e7a5a96466dcbd7cbaf91df3fe51584abd046de85839c66d2e467a340fc302eba08d483e5ad70a9, S. Roettger, VIS, University of Stuttgart, b34156a0ffc80ffaf84d069f3d05a40fdd999a35f05492829a2b0c13403a3147e73712b1d10c2cc34da66a59540a1632dae6adc96f3ebf3efa5d4d6c10598997, Terarecon Inc, MERL, Brigham and Women's Hospital, b2bf7ba8ba7a7d5a8ea76ccd8fd2c0f5f043079a83cd6a3055e85f5e0a40c1c4d872b9bbc7aedf628989eb57bffd5729767c29fe8ae018c581406b196caa6359. Data typeint16 256x256x178 (11.1 MB) Christmas Present N. Navab et al. Download Tissue and bone are present in the dataset. This procedure generates cross … Marschner-Lobb A heart scan, also known as a coronary calcium scan, is a specialized X-ray test that provides pictures of your heart that can help your doctor detect and measure calcium-containing plaque in the arteries.Plaque inside the arteries of your heart can grow and restrict blood flow to the muscles of the heart. } Download (Eds. Data typeuint16 MetadataNRRD (detached header) Spathorhynchus Fossorium [00:08:30] Take some time to look at this axial dataset and practice in your mind  identifying the various different structures. publisher = {American Physical Society}, 582d56df9be44d5d008f0df80ab61278f9edd8864da166653c4781c76fead4b5d35e6477210c78c85083f41f45438ad30898b7c8894964d08ab215a44c942d78, b483bdee37e943e284e146ec2097ed6f263f19e5007916e3eff7e1ad5f8ecd99db4419cd5eedff236c22727bc2f920fb7dab28ff8e8de4c64866c3efb4e33e6d, 8ef2b9a84eb94693596b57f3f21f5ea75c1c25654011e3aed39a27f5e4259ebbbd2486ff39bb32b551bb44f3fa25123e7128cfd3fc053134f0806e23bb24a819, Siemens Medical Solutions, Forchheim, Germany, 6b31b8c3c056e4fca2c908c8feffe1ad4872e1201feafe136ed22178d2593f549c4a8328b2f6ec7d7855271f28f7a4981ffae8ced9ff21df11652abe7c0766bc, 0d141311ce0bf7872f23c0f5d6989823624f6533cf1af56d5acfe9539114c6b2325fec028cb67c395def068c81ccf9fa5e987a8662a33f47e1580667eb327705, Meister Eduard Gröller, Georg Glaeser, Johannes Kastner, 2005, 1d3df55497bedb01a3a3d902d00241d1dc41a2c3d186005c5457244a7a0783c9fbc5be1b9cf75634aed0dbcaff599d66d9638e40bc9fb788a575ce3cd356860a, b6f3ddccbb2a5585664a3173b86a034f12540f8d306a050074619d7c52780d6b7252757d754682e8b38c4419ac3c3caaab38e12628cbbf18b3814b239429155e, 5ee3d77ae951e129d29062a4fd4d8730fd8670bdaf4d01ddf907848072180cbfea8ab897880147d2a79dc7f1d1806a34b32853074eca88f6758e01382469f9f6, Myoungkyu Lee and Robert D. Moser. SHA-512bc80b55ffc983f41b3981433707b59f6c8b3f16cc9cd3ea18087cb9e734b702eb1ad0410f36f38881b2e2fa85617dc0858bb2d9fbd3188abb39af43ea84e3521 SHA-5121d3df55497bedb01a3a3d902d00241d1dc41a2c3d186005c5457244a7a0783c9fbc5be1b9cf75634aed0dbcaff599d66d9638e40bc9fb788a575ce3cd356860a ): MICCAI 2015, Part I, LNCS 9349, pp. Download AcknowledgementThree-dimensional simulation of a Richtmyer–Meshkov instability with a two-scale initial perturbation, Ronald H. Cohen, William P. Dannevik, Andris M. Dimits, Donald E. Eliason, Arthur A. Mirin, and Ye Zhou Let us now move further down the image to the level of the four chambers. Spacing1x1x1 DeepOrgan: Multi-level Deep Convolutional Networks for Automated Pancreas Segmentation. AcknowledgementChristoph Heinzl, 2006 And then the axial view, we can now see a number of different structures in closer detail. The dataset contains also a stent in the abdominal aorta. Download Head MRT Angiography journal = {Journal of Fluid Mechanics}, This lesson will take you on a riveting ride through the heart that will leave you breathless. A contrast agent was injected into the blood and an aneurism is present. AcknowledgementThe Computer-Assisted Paleoanthropology group and the Visualization and MultiMedia Lab at University of Zurich (UZH) Entropy field (timestep 160) of Richtmyer-Meshkov instability simulation. Simulation of the two-body distribution probability of a nucleon in the atomic nucleus 16O if a second nucleon is known to be positioned at r'=(2 fm,0,0). SHA-5129c4b596a0682c42d1ed30f4d1da84098b1f13a03fb51ed1da3e57871b59fa7ad82bbacd3c08e1b951ddfec4e19bfcbb3493b1488769a3f2effa1369560d9f80d MetadataNRRD (detached header) MetadataNRRD (detached header) 256x256x256 (16.0 MB) along with its description. 341x341x93 (10.3 MB) Dimensions are width x height x depth (e.g., array[depth][height][width] in C). Data typeuint16 MetadataNRRD (detached header) The Johns Hopkins Turbulence Databases; Yeung, P.K., D.A. This work was supported by grants from the National Institute of Health (NEI R01 EY019743 and R01 EY026812), the National Science Foundation (EAGER 1649923). Data typeuint16 [00:01:30] Let's start at the beginning, at the level of the main pulmonary artery. Each data set consists of 16 bit DICOM images with a resolution of 512x512, x-y spacing between 0.7-0.8 mm and having 3 to 3.2 mm inter-slice distance (ISD) (i.e. Let us now see how these structures appear on the CT scan. SHA-512c13b2495e3ce2e0d7969ecf5316351a58e6aa8eeeaf23b22d0dc0b397ed22b51a5f88fd94e272a8a1add0414c69960406847b3b9e4854497a026e25e0d567e95 title = {Formation of Hard Power Laws in the Energetic Particle Spectra Resulting from Relativistic Magnetic Reconnection}, CT scan of a lobster contained in a block of resin. 416x512x112 (45.5 MB) First scan. [00:03:30] the left inferior pulmonary vein, the descending aorta. An industrial CT scan of a christmas present. 2048x2048x2048 (16.0 GB) Rotational C-arm x-ray scan of a human foot. AcknowledgementMany many thanks to Geoff Rubin who helped me to scan the data, Sandy Napel who coordinated the scan and helped to process the data, and Marc Levoy who graciously provided the subject. The higher the density value, the less presence of air. 263, Tarrant County, Texas. Alessandra Angelucci and Frederick Federer. Boston Teapot Christmas Tree Download Our Cardiac CT Essentials course was designed and delivered by CT guru, Dr Ronak Rajani. The specimen was scanned along the coronal axis for a total of 1088 slices. CT scan of abdomen in prone orientation (back faces ceiling, belly faces table. We can see one of the pulmonary veins, the tip of the left atrial appendage, and also the ascending and descending aorta. MetadataNRRD (detached header) SHA-51231f1232cbf75b0182f172375e46cc57fe013c0edaae292f2358e2477052ca974faae92efd803a2d229172b851b5ddaa461129872b89bd6ce45d43bfe595eed43 AcknowledgementVolVis distribution of SUNY Stony Brook, NY, USA [00:04:30] three of the coronary arteries: the right coronary artery, the left anterior descending artery, and also the left circumflex artery. Data typeuint8 512x512x174 (87.0 MB) The data set represents a time step from an isotropic turbulence simulation. Download 16c663b89799e58292eea0f83c9f07f340f52283af2cdb8c72aa28a9e6368876f60415dc6b2dfe11b53f2efb050b703131d2995e589f857b52c6a6807ea22a13, 608d19d1e53c8ac3fd4d3d5b230b43c129452bb8f9edccc33d7161c1644f871e0a92572c1215f7eb1a96f801e46221fc809a618c38fd1b66f63e063a3f133186, d00f95d1f4cb1da2f3260a722059527ace73514cd57e1c31b6724d18468fd81002f5da704a0c3c7ccf06a329a975dede38cfacf13387dea9ffd8d7542cae62d0, V De Paola, MRC Clinical Sciences Center, Imperial College London, 9c4b596a0682c42d1ed30f4d1da84098b1f13a03fb51ed1da3e57871b59fa7ad82bbacd3c08e1b951ddfec4e19bfcbb3493b1488769a3f2effa1369560d9f80d, Frederick Federer, Moran Eye Institute, University of Utah, c13b2495e3ce2e0d7969ecf5316351a58e6aa8eeeaf23b22d0dc0b397ed22b51a5f88fd94e272a8a1add0414c69960406847b3b9e4854497a026e25e0d567e95, 5703198390210caac5a9aaa51cfffd822bbf1835cb40bb183cfd946dd1d4c0f0b72030431c5eed1eb9a30eaaaeb48b00cb97ba3a50b01367c90e00b9ecf00210. Acquired at National Institute of Health (Principal Investigators: Camphausen, Kaushal and Pinto). MetadataNRRD (detached header) A single variable, enstrophy, is represented on a Cartesian grid. We can still see the left ventricle, the right ventricle, and the right atrium, and also the inferior vena cava, and the descending aorta. Data typeuint8 Master the fundamentals of cardiac CT. Confidently use CT to image the heart and identify and evaluate coronary and cardiac anomalies. Download Chameleon This scan identifies whether calcium deposits are present in the arteries of your heart… AcknowledgementMarschner and Lobb Yeung, Georgia Tech. Data typeuint8 The higher the density value, the less presence of air. SHA-5122206fc1368064e62a752cea90b3932289a26606a3b1552b945745f3c1c57ded867ec8b28daa1d05bfd20438c8c3fa95460a43c37f086aaffea1f5b5742b72580 In the coronal views and the sagittal views, we are starting to see more structures. Let us first look at the structures in the axial plane. MetadataNRRD (detached header) Data typeuint8 AcknowledgementRoth HR, Lu L, Farag A, Shin H-C, Liu J, Turkbey EB, Summers RM. Skull AcknowledgementFrederick Federer, Moran Eye Institute, University of Utah CT scan of a lobster contained in a block of resin. ): MICCAI 2015, Part I, LNCS 9349, pp. 1024x1024x314 (314.0 MB) CT scan of the SIGGRAPH 1989 teapot with a small version of the AVS lobster inside. SHA-5128ef2b9a84eb94693596b57f3f21f5ea75c1c25654011e3aed39a27f5e4259ebbbd2486ff39bb32b551bb44f3fa25123e7128cfd3fc053134f0806e23bb24a819 AcknowledgementThe University of Utah Center for the Simulation of Accidental Fires and Explosions. SHA-512efb1c15bfda13b6899b923d2c51caea00d2eaffb95d89343e64298266d231a12902e376353d5c258a6ccffd54c363bc186aea19de631982f85158a4b70e0e671 Wood Branch We can also see, [00:02:30] the left atrium, the mitral valve, and the left ventricle, and also the descending aorta. volume = {49}, Download Download The signals correspond to electrocardiogra… Let us now move to the level of the ventricular outflow tract. Pawpawsaurus Campbelli SHA-5121678f3bb3c088523372d0e879c923175a07b24493c411c8a65268cbdb82c28448539e3d1f25aa9263d62a2c0e80decb7499ce1ad6d6fe3943135c628295f83d6 Car part reconstructed from projections. Spacing2e-05x2e-05x2e-05 Rotating Stratified Turbulence This dataset consists of head CT (Computed Thomography) images in jpg format. SHA-5126b31b8c3c056e4fca2c908c8feffe1ad4872e1201feafe136ed22178d2593f549c4a8328b2f6ec7d7855271f28f7a4981ffae8ced9ff21df11652abe7c0766bc Download The remaining 65 patients were selected by a radiologist from patients who neither had major abdominal pathologies nor pancreatic cancer lesions. Data typeuint8 Seventeen of the subjects are healthy kidney donors scanned prior to nephrectomy. Download One is medical image computing where the images are divided into regions based on tissue type and organ, which can further be used for … MRI Prostate data. To remind ourselves, [00:05:00] we can see the same structures in the coronal and sagittal views and this picture only changes if the axial crosshair position changes in the axial plane. Because the length of the scan is still incorporating the length of the heart. MetadataNRRD (detached header) We can see that the main pulmonary artery bifurcates into the right pulmonary artery and also the left pulmonary artery. A microCT scan of dried wood branch (hazelnut). Download N. Navab et al. However, other datasets maybe be used for training. MetadataNRRD (detached header) The number of samples in both collections is large enough for training a deep neural network. We can still see our right coronary artery, our left anterior descending artery, and our left circumflex artery but we now also see the inferior part of the left atrium. Here, we can see that the right atrium is connected to the right ventricle, and the right ventricle transitions into the right ventricular outflow tract before passing blood through, [00:00:30] the pulmonary valve and through into the main pulmonary artery.