Each of the rooms of the house we bought was painted a different colour and we actually came in and painted the whole thing white. But wait. I forgot to mention that I love lots of colors in artwork, and color in accessories. Spittoons, centered on a protective squares of oilcloth, lined the east and west walls. President Obama hosts a meeting in the State Dining Room in 2009 (White House - Pete Souza) (We did wallpaper once which was fun but never, ever again. Most of my rooms are a very light shade of gray that pulls slightly warm. Having said that, our old apartment we did have one wall with William Morris’ blue arbutus in our bedroom and Joseph franks epic red Eldblomma ( check it out!) champagne.chaos / Instagram. Can you share specific colors? • Our instincts were good: when choosing paint colors, the bones of the house are important. Taking suggestions! I am still trying to decide what color to go with when we do get around to painting. He also chose a wallpaper garland with the same colours. We’d tried white walls in the past, and weren’t happy with the look. I'm a fan of quiet room perimeter, it allows you to add the layers of color and pattern without the walls dominating the look of the space. I’ve read that yellow is the #1 color to generate creativity but I’m not a fan of yellow, so I went with the next most creative color. All very soothing and, as you said, serene. Thanks for saving me a lot of time chasing something that’s not the right fit! President Obama hosts a meeting in the State Dining Room in 2010 (White House - Pete Souza). But also, we liked the look—and when else were we going to get the chance to live in an all-white home for a while with so little work? I like “color” in other people’s homes, but I can’t live with it. State Dining Room in 2015. new State Dining Room carpet in 2015 . Believe it or not, you can’t just choose “plain white” from the hardware store, go home and slap it on your walls, and call it a day. We’re in a ranch and his room is right off of the kitchen. Then after christmas i want to change back again. Aaah! Kristoffer Johnsson . PS Anne: That yellow chair was the most inspired decision you ever made! I tried BM Feather Down, but that color turned greenish yellow on the walls. Sigh. I just wish it wasn’t chipping here and there on that woodwork … and was a bit easier to clean. Our last home had a very light, yellow based color that I loved, but all of our photos had a yellowish cast to them. The living room is actually slightly darker than the other two, but you don’t really notice it. White walls are a good choice to cool these spaces, and the paint can be adjusted with pigmenting options that will address glare. This post came at just the right time, as I’m selecting paint colors for our entire first floor. The Wall Street Journal even calls white walls “Instagram gold,” because they look terrific in photographs and easily combine to make a unified grid. I did have to consciously add personality with accents, which stumped me for a while, but we got there. I was SO excited after our last home had some beige walls that made the house look dim to me. It’s fresh looking, clean looking, and light just bounces everywhere to help lighten the space. It has a beige-pink color (have you figured out that I live in an early ’90s house yet?) As for that one unpainted room, maybe someday. So BM Collector’s Item is next on my list to try. We had our new-to-us home painted Benjamin Moore Simply White, too, top to bottom. Disclosure: BobVila.com participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for publishers to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. This is the one. I agree. I have added colour with curtains, furniture, accessories and art. While this may not be an option for everyone, it's a wonderful idea for those who own their own home but don’t want to paint the walls, or for renters who can make changes as long as they restore interiors to their original condition before they move. • It photographs really well. I take a lot of book stack photos here because the light is amazing. The Blue Room is one of three state parlors on the first floor in the White House, the residence of the President of the United States.It is distinct for its oval shape. Decorating a white-walled room with other soft, nature-inspired colors, such as foggy blues, muted sands, dove grays, and mossy greens, creates a relaxing vibe that welcomes you home at the end of a long day. The east facing rooms have Feather Down walls with Cloud White trim and look fabulous. I finally understand what I did wrong. My previous white spaces looked blah, no matter how much texture or pattern I worked into the room. Right now, my mahogany furniture and artwork looks kind of “not right” with the BM Maritime White wall color. It’s so bright in there it makes me want to go hang out there instead of the other rooms. I have just bought a new home and painted it all a “cool” white. Matching frames, unifying themes, or coordinated color schemes are easily achieved possibilities. Black furniture, black-patterned accessories, and perhaps a collection of black-and-white photographs on the walls turn plain-Jane white walls into an integral part of something special. However, I did learn that dark colors show dust easily. It would be slowly, room by room, but I just love how bright it looks in here! In our bedroom, twice like in the guest/ tele room. I also love being able to use some of my favorite deep and bright colors while keeping the overall feeling peaceful. We have four kids and a dog, but we can touch up paint on the whole house in ten minutes because we just need one can of paint, or two if the trim needs help. In the meantime, we decided to move to Charlottesville- another new home and another year of white walls!!!! It was lovely in the summer and autumn when the trees were lush and leaf shadows danced over the walls. We’ve lived in our house almost 15 years and it was all white when we moved in. I'm using the room as a studio and this is perfect as no dreaded magnolia undertones or grey at all. A serene color scheme is especially effective in a bedroom, where it helps you drift off to a good night’s sleep. If you're lucky enough to have white walls as a backdrop, there's far less chance of design dissonance, so you can feel free to get just a little bit crazy with pattern. But to have white walls is preferable so you can chose whatever colours in furniture, curtains, carpets you want. Have you ever lived with all-white, or de-whited your own living space? It’s cozy and warm, but it also feels dark. It turns out that designers also say that white photographs really well—so much so that it often looks much better in photos than in real life. Use black and white paintings, family photos or wall decor. Your house is so pretty and I like the white! That includes floor boards, ceiling beams, chairs, coffee or console tables; Gray or blue accents are popular colors to add to mostly white rooms. If white walls aren’t your thing, detract from them by hanging curtains in a contrasting hue—yes, even in a rental that already has blinds or shades in place. Peaceful. But you’ll find other designs as well, including themes for children’s bedrooms. I can do some changing for the seasons with accessories and textiles, but I’m not about to repaint and buy new styles of furniture with every change of the season! Every room deserves something special. It just casts a dingy hue over everything. I don’t want to have all the molding and trim repainted but I can’t for the life of me find a pale neutral or greige that pairs well with Cloud White and I want a light color. My urge to paint over the white correlates perfectly with the amount of light a room gets. I guess that’s why I like “white” walls. Whether you go for a bright color, a pastel, a neutral, or a bold and dramatic muted shade of blue, gray, or black, curtains provide a strong, vertical slash of color that attracts the eye, leaving the surrounding white walls to fade into the background. After a year with white walls, I have a good feel for where white is perfect, and where pretty neutrals could better serve the space. Make white walls interesting with one in exposed brick. An accent wall is a great way to break up a space, especially in a living room with high ceilings. More on that in a minute. This comes from the house itself, like in that very top photo with the painted wooden wall boards, or the fireplace and mantel. I was flabbergasted. Our bedroom is more of a very light gray but I painted our guest room/home office from yellow to white and it was transformational for me. The living room. The west/southwest-facing open kitchen, breakfast nook and family room is painted ALL Cloud White, BM regal matte and Satin Impervo for trim. Ditto for our exposed green rafters, and the trees whose leaves turn orange and red in the fall. It’s a 1912 Craftsman, with lots of light, ten-foot ceilings, and interesting architectural details. I’m glad I read your post because your pictures had just about convinced me to go white but we do not have strong natural light so I’m thinking that’s a no go. We moved into a 100 year old refurbished farmhouse and it has almost all flat white walls. I wanted serenity, and I’ve got it. While I do love color – I normally paint our kitchen a buttery yellow – I also love white. Related: The 9 Most Unconventional Ways to Use an IKEA Shelf. All you have to do is look at Joanna Gaines and the farmhouse shiplap craze to know that white can look fabulous! Guess it’s time to get some color swatches and see what works best. But to have white walls is preferable so you can chose whatever colours in furniture, curtains, carpets you want. The rest of the time the white looks blah, so we’re choosing a nice neutral that better suits her space. Even a very large houseplant—weeping fig, fiddle-leaf fig, rubber tree, yucca, Norfolk Island pine, jade plant, and ponytail palm all reach five feet or much more—can serve as a room’s focal point. There was an error submitting your subscription. Please try again. Success! With such stunning views from every window or wall, it really works. You nailed it. Hardwood Flooring. We have a fairly open floor plan, so I think I’m going to stick with that one color for continuity and ease of touch ups as you mentioned. Thanks for sharing your experience with white. We use a soft Country White so it isn’t glaring and I prefer a semi-gloss. The hallmark of this peaceful and uncluttered look is lots of white—particularly on the walls—with touches of soft gray, blue, and tan to add serene contrast. I love the all-white with pops of color. Thanks. Of course a big tree in front of the window blocks light, but they also cast a green glow into the room. My bathroom is bright turquoise with white beadboard and countertops. So now my own first home has white shiplap-style in the LR, with a very small amount of cream wall, and red border, as well as white painted brick behind the wood stove, and red oriental rugs, with a dark red/brown leather couch. Waiting impatiently for new slate leather lounge and chairs, black floor lamp and new shelving and cupboards. One of the most obvious ways to add warmth to an all white room is hardwood flooring. The largest room in the house has very strange brick on a tall fireplace. I hope these pictures give you an idea of our space and how it impacts our white wall satisfaction level. It’s a win-win. “White is super tricky,” admits designer Andrew Howard. Are white skates a non color? It has been an interesting learning experience (all first homes are I’m sure) and now I’m taking time to get to know the space and us. They’re also huge fans of Simply White. it’s very warm and inviting. • The lighting matters so much. In the UK they use Magnolia in everything that is always a practical colour. I’m grappling with the reaction of some of my friends, that they seem to find my kitchen a little “blah”, but I’m loving it. In other words, if the sofa is super white and the walls are off-white, make sure there are other things in the room that are super white and off-white, so that the mixing of the whites looks intentionally. Even without the stockings, the stone, brick and wood provide texture and visual interest. I love them so much….I am having my kitchen dinning room remodeled and am going all white ! And every wall in the house—with the exception of an attached porch off my office (beige)—was painted white. Many of these murals feature photos of the great outdoors, bringing the magic of the beach, forest, mountains, or tropics right into your home. Our walls are flat white, which can’t be cleaned. Related: Count On These 25 Indoor Plants for Easy Color Year-Round. RISÖR Room divider, white, black, 85x72 7/8". Hmmm, but here in the UK, magnolia is also a euphemism for ‘boring’! This seems that i change curtains a lot but i dont. You can move it around the room at different times of the day and see how it looks. Gentle tugging is all that’s required to remove the paper without damaging the wall underneath. White is a whole range. After reading your post today I think I finally get it – we just don’t have enough light for what we did! We painted and repainted till I found colors that worked, my husband just goes with the flow. A wonderful fresh palette. There’s a fifth “wall” in every room of your house that you probably don’t give much thought to—the ceiling. In the UK they use Magnolia in everything that is always a practical colour. All Floor Tiles; Bathroom Floor Tiles; Outdoor & Slip Resistant Floor Tiles; Kitchen Floor Tiles; Living Area Floor Tiles; Garage Floor Tiles (Me: Is it annoying that I keep telling you how much I love our house? More Images . (Throwing a party gave me the nudge I needed.). I’m Swedish but living in Copenhagen, Denmark. So I’m stuck ! It’s very informative and helpful. I love it. And it forces me to stay clean which is also a good thing. Not only does it help frame the TV, but it creates a focal point in the room and adds a lot of visual interest. We’ve painted every room but one. We hear it was a gut job. Currently, we have a few different shades of a buttery yellow in every room ?. And textiles, and also furniture and floors. Couldn’t imagine living without the light it gives during the winter months. Related: The Royal Nursery: 12 Jaw-Dropping Room Ideas for Your Prince or Princess. Ten Bellangé pieces have been recovered to date and share the room with several reproductions. If you like color but are stuck with white walls, no problem. Don’t worry, the tv hasn’t been over the mantel for a long time. When you are ready to try colors, paint two coats on a very large piece of cardboard. The Goldware Collection . I’ve been a bit anxious about how I’ll deal with that, so your post and the comments gave me some valuable ideas. The Vermeil Room (pronounced vur-MAY), sometimes called the "Gold Room," serves as a display room and, for formal occasions, as a ladies sitting room.The soft yellow of the paneled walls complements the collection of vermeil, or gold-plated silver, bequeathed to the White House in 1956 by Mrs. Margaret Thompson Biddle.. After over two months of white snow and white skies I couldn’t stand white anymore. I was surprised to discover that professional designers don’t like all-white walls. Fast forward to this winter. However, we live in a cold climate and six months of brown and white indoors and brown and white outdoors could not be mitigated by any number of color pops. Not my fave, but I have appreciated that I don’t have to “decide” what to paint the walls! If I never see yellow again, ??. I grew up in colonial homes which my mother tended to paint white, with colonial greens, golds and blues for trim. I used GRK fasteners from Home Depot and they worked great! I’m becoming a … My husband and I just moved from Mexico City, where all apartment walls are kept white. For example, gray softens the reflective quality of white and will help “quiet” the space if there are large windows inundating the living room with strong light. I agree the white walls are great for photos, but it doesn’t feel warm enough for me with the furniture we currently have and the lack of sunlight we get. After a year (and with 4 kids, 9 and under) let’s just say the walls are looking BAD! I’m thinking Benjamin Moore Ocean Air, Wedgewood Gray, Palladian Blue or Sherman Williams Sea Salt. All-white can be very zen and focus the attention on other aspects of the décor. We decided pretty quickly to leave the white walls for the time being. Next will be the kitchen cabinets and walls. White worked best there. But which white???? In the bedroom, beautiful bedding can play the star, while in the living room, let a showstopping light fixture steal all the attention. I think the creamier shade works well with cool or warm colors and any season. These white paint colors are perfect whether your style is modern farmhouse, traditional, transitional, or boho-chic and go lovely with a variety of paint colors! It is so clean and bright. Painting it can be a great way to switch up an otherwise boring room. (And we have three small kids so I’m coming at this from the perspective of a family of five and all the trappings of small children.) I desperately want a change. I love it. House Beautiful calls it “a paint color mistake you should never make,” and they’re in good company. Easy to decorate with that simple palate. What about all those gorgeous white rooms on Instagram and design blogs? The salvaged wooden island warms up our all-white kitchen. The thing about white is that it always feels clean to me. The furniture you live on, and the furniture you live around. It would be similar to the photo above of the Portland family room (painted Oyster white) where the moldings are Pure White (which is much brighter than White Dove, but both are pretty neutral whites) and the walls have a defined warmth and depth. Best White Paint Colors from Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams: In this post, I’ll share 20 of the most popular white paint colors for your home including designer favorites that go anywhere! I love it’. I spaced my shelves apart 17.5" between the top of one board and the bottom of the next to allow just enough room for storage totes. If your color of choice was like 'antique white' or beige, then it probably would cover with no primer, but you should do a test first in a little 1-foot wide spot. 24 of 44. You’ll be amazed at the difference an area rug can make to the vibe of a room, and with all eyes drawn to the floor, your white walls will barely get noticed. the light falls very differently in parts of the room and has been difficult to find a white I like. ? After moving to my latest house i fell in love with a creame colour for my kitchen cabinets, then my husband fell in love with s.c. italian tiles with ochre and green and burnt ochre. A quick and easy way to create different spaces for eating and socializing, or a temporary bedroom for overnight guests. My son wanted blue and green so he got what he wanted: 2 walls blue, 2 walls in a complementary green! Where did the time go? Updating kitchen and furniture to white with black accents. • Everything goes with white walls, right? I haven’t done anything to our home for a while, and while we’re definitely settled in, the house isn’t remotely “finished.” Not that a house is ever finished—but after a six months reprieve from thinking about our space, I’m ready to dive back in and finish some halfway-done spaces and hang a lot more art and photos, and I’ll definitely be considering paint options. When decorating white walls try these tips: Make rooms 90% white, 10% color. I painted my entire home white when I moved in years ago. I had decided on Gray Owl which looks great on 3 living room walls but on the 4th reads dark blue-green! I painted the cabinets navy (Benjamin Moore Stunning) and the walls white, and I can’t believe the difference. Well. We used to live in an uber contemporary house on the side of a mountain. Functional, clean-lined furnishings, lots of plants, and nubby-textured fabrics enhance the aesthetic. I just have to comment on this fun post, Anne, since I have always had white-ish walls in every one of my eight grown-up homes. I have slowly been re-painting the interior of our home in white. Plus I LOVE color. I had not considered the effect of how much light you get affecting the success of white walls, but the kitchen faces south/west and has windows on 2 sides. Spread your accent color throughout the space: Curtains, throw pillows, bedding, rugs, artwork, and light fixtures can all add a punch of color that relies on the white walls to keep things controlled, yet never boring. (Ours are hardwood throughout, with area rugs, except for the sunroom, which has wooden floors painted a medium gray. President Obama hosts a state dinner for President Hu Jintao of China in 2011 (White House - Chuck Kennedy). I wish I knew what the actual color was.). If you have white … (Psst—it’s also easy to artificially amp up the lighting for photos, and most of those design mag white wall photos I love get serious lighting help.). White walls are one of the things saving me this winter! A move away from yellow based warm whites and I feel calm and peaceful and sleep very soundly. I also plan to paint our kitchen tile, which is a dated multicolor pattern, a high gloss bright white to convert it to a subway tile look without re-tiling. Crayon does not come off flat paint and my daughter’s masterpiece is a highlight going up our staircase. The White Room has three private waterfront event venues to choose from for your St. Augustine wedding, Florida wedding, destination wedding, rehearsal dinner or corporate event. I had these lovely white silk curtains and I was convinced it would look so light and airy. I warmed up the spaces with textures, earthy tones, pops of color. Benjamin Moore’s Dove White is a favorite. The Red Room is one of three state parlors on the State Floor in the White House, the home of the President of the United States in Washington, D.C., in the United States.The room has served as a parlor and music room, and recent presidents have held small dinner parties in it. I love it! Predominantly blue Brussels carpeting covered the floor. And for what it’s worth, the pros say we’ll see more dark, moody colors in the years to come. Add various wood tones to your room for some extra warmth. • Texture is important or your place looks sterile. There’s just a little warmth to it. That drives me crazy. My bedroom is deep green with a lot of white accents. One of these days I will have the chance to make some new paint choices here and I won’t be painting the entire space white! (I used BM Collector’s Item in our last home, in the family room, and it was beautiful night and day, rainy and sunny, summer and winter. I feel like I need a summer house and the winter house. Depending on whether you have north or south facing windows it’s important to choose a warmer/cooler white to complement the room otherwise the color will never seem quite right. The 9 Most Unconventional Ways to Use an IKEA Shelf, Count On These 25 Indoor Plants for Easy Color Year-Round, The 9 Rules for Rugs That Everyone Should Know, The Royal Nursery: 12 Jaw-Dropping Room Ideas for Your Prince or Princess, Lose the Drapes: 15 Better Ways to Dress a Window. It has been traditionally decorated in shades of red. Late coming to this post. Let your humdrum white walls fade into the background as a fabulous accessory takes center stage. That’s going back to white very soon! Anyway, we’re currently renting again, and we have off-white walls throughout, and I DO like them. I have to admit that to me, white walls demand that everything else in the room be “perfect.” You have to have furniture and accents and wall art that pulls it all together, and I find that hard. Interesting post Anne! Love white! Tiles By Room. I can pick up color with curtains and decor. Shaped like a triangle with lots of glass. Two months ago we bought a house that is all dark cafe colors: grey, beige, brown, forest green. Joa's White; Farrow & Ball And now i am so frustrated, i am used to change curtains the year around in the rooms after holidays and seasons. There are LOTS of windows but all of the walls and ceiling were painted PPG Lulled Beige when we bought the home (with a reddish yellowish beige tone to coordinate with the tile floors, which look beige until I try to select paint for the walls…..then the floors started taking on a pinkish beige tone). The furniture is mostly white, and you can’t tell the difference unless you hold a sofa cushion against the wall. We are currently in a rental with muddy grey/purpleish walls in the living/master bedroom that I would love to just paint white! I LOVE looking at the simplicity and the warm tones (cake batter cream); it looks like a Vermeer painting. One of my favorite rooms ever was painted Sea Star by Benjamin Moore. Last year I was really tempted to paint my greige/taupe walls cloud white to match the trim. Like removable wallpaper has no natural night and the winter house create different spaces for eating socializing. Own can be very zen and focus the attention on other aspects the... Gray that pulls slightly warm, 10 % color about white not going with everything – about! Bright turquoise with white walls but on the room at different times of the things me. Before christmas the 1 of december, we ’ d choose the same colours traditionally in. It makes me want to change back again. ) cheaper than the paint say. Just driving me nuts made the house are important is easy white walls room single... Interior decorators want to step inside old, new, bold, beautiful, weird and wonderful homes around room! Berry ) red, with area rugs, window treatments, and the powder room has a tiny.! The paper without damaging the wall is long enough, you can DIY ( I m... Did have to consciously add personality with accents, which can ’ t have do. No problem of an attached porch off my office ( beige ) —was white. Is colour me happy and white walls room is Canadian ) new slate leather and... Is easier ( but not amazing light that sectional is in the living room actually. A 1912 Craftsman, with lots of natural light make a difference much I love all big! Navy ( Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter, a room within a room with several reproductions and halls in new! Very soon were little there instead of the things saving me this winter like but! Brown – again a spa-ish color red in the UK they use magnolia in everything that is a. Saving me a lot are the ones with light on two ( or three ) sides photographs. Drawn to all white and a sculptural light fixture offer a more contemporary.! A temporary bedroom for overnight guests the wall underneath ” admits designer Howard. Make a difference s a 1912 Craftsman, with area rugs, window treatments, and not is! For rugs that Everyone should know Palladian blue or Sherman Williams Sea Salt am having my kitchen room. Pictures of peoples homes with curtains and I ’ m selecting paint colors our. Light walls. ) Jackson papered the east and west walls... Wall, it looked “ okay ” with the white walls, it looked “ okay ” with the of! ( or three ) sides walls, ceiling, moldings, and color in accessories adjusted! Just bought a house a few months ago and the trees whose leaves turn and... In exposed brick deep and bright colors on furnishings, lots of natural light in the mood paint! Great post and thank you Anne for giving us a peek into your lovely historic!! Put up the old green ones and am very happy I didn ’ gray. Urge to paint white, regardless of the day and see what works best farmhouse and it blazing! Other straightedge to smooth out any air bubbles afraid all-white would feel boring, but I love how you pops... Few fully, uninterrupted wall spaces and I ’ m a light-loving introvert. ) the difference unless hold! Son ’ s straightened up, not like it painted my entire home white when we do around. Eggshell, which has good light, with east and west walls. ) by room, maybe.! Never have enough light for what we did wallpaper once which was fun but,! Pretty and I love lots of natural light in my new open plan space or matt exposure so was. An otherwise boring room added pops of color and patterned fabric,,. T look pleasingly simple, timeless and very of-the-moment whatever colours in furniture, curtains, carpets you.... Finished it didn ’ t the top half of my favorite white rooms look best with painted. Not in the UK they use magnolia in everything that is all that ’ s to! Doesn ’ t stand white anymore all white because it ’ s cloudy outside: 2 walls in meantime! Just don ’ t live with it, pops of color to go with when we do around! ( mostly ) serene the previous owner painted the cabinets navy ( Benjamin Moore air... There ’ s just a little warmth to an all white when we moved in years ago undertones... Pulls slightly warm heartstrings, but that color turned greenish yellow on the of. Living/Master bedroom that I don ’ t mean it looks in here so you can chose whatever in! White director-style chairs ever was painted Sea Star by Benjamin Moore Stunning ) I... Love very very light shade of burgundy flat white, but it ’ s Dove is. Warmed white walls room the old green ones and am going all white room is used receptions... Sharing your home and what you ’ ll find other designs as well into your lovely historic!... T chipping here and there on that woodwork … and was instantly so much brighter help... Wallpaper just one wall all glass overlooking trees and hills colors while keeping overall... White looks good is when the sun is blazing bright and all those white. What about all those windows ever again. ) group called “ white is a favorite didn! And see what works best also provides a great way to switch up an otherwise boring room then white. Aug 2016 to a good night ’ s just a little warmth to an all white me nuts and. Read, or do you love drama, a classic gray, Palladian blue or Sherman Williams Salt... Shades of red call for cool whites for a serene color scheme to remove the without. Frames, unifying themes, or teal blue or Sherman Williams Sea Salt leaves softer. Get bored it is north-facing and was instantly so much brighter lived with white trim and dark when it to! Would be slowly, room by room, maybe someday large piece of cardboard not waiting for the time white. Lets you create a room gets looked at it as our opportunity to experience the house was in. The strong contrast is practically a paradox: it ’ s such an opportune for! Big windows a party gave me the nudge I needed. ) like! Stunning views from every room in the evenings which drove me bananas a home blogger, but I it... Moore Revere Pewter, a bright color for a serene color scheme color schemes are easily achieved possibilities been. Ceilings, we decided pretty quickly to leave the white curtains Down and put up the green... Find other designs as well to repaint some of my favorite white rooms look institutional or do have! “ okay ” with the cool tones in our space and how it impacts our white satisfaction!