There are only about 6 other species of fish in the Boraras genus with the chili rasbora being the most desirable within the aquarium trade due to color and temperament. When they were originally found in slow-moving ponds and streams throughout Southeast Borneo, … If you do use tap water, make sure that you invest in a water conditioning solution. The fins are all translucent, giving those tiny red spots a floating appearance. Author Note: Some aquarists get concerned when they hear about the size of Chili Rasboras because they think it will be difficult to observe them. Actinopterygii (ray-finned fishes) > Cypriniformes (Carps) > Cyprinidae (Minnows or carps) > Danioninae Etymology: Boraras: A name for a fish used in Borneo = "boraras merah". Lifespan is heavily affected by the quality of care they receive (mainly water conditions and overall stress). Even better, this water is relatively inexpensive and can be easily found at grocery or convenience stores, saving you from a big algae headache and dying fish later on. Unlike other fish, Mosquito Rasboras are not parental at all. They will need at least 15 gallons (56.8 L) to themselves as well. When it comes to small […] It may be required to cut up pieces of food to make it easier for your chili rasbora to eat. These fish are a little more challenging to find tank mates for due to their size, and they shouldn’t be kept with other species of Boraras but can luckily be kept with an assortment of plants and shrimp. This species is often confused with the very similar Chili Rasbora (Boraras brigittae). Reproduce these fish is easy task. Too many phosphates in the aquarium leads to algae in the aquarium, no matter freshwater or saltwater. Technically speaking, Chili Rasboras aren’t part of the Rasbora family at all! Most of the bodies of water they are found in contain blackwater. Mosquito Rasbora - Boraras brigittae. Remember, these fish don’t even make it past an inch in size! This process gives the water an acidic property with a p… An egg crate or other mesh should be used to line the bottom of the container so that fish will not be able to reach the eggs and eat them. The only issues you need to worry about are those that affect freshwater fish as a whole. However, up-close these fish are just as beautiful as some full grown cichlids, if not more. Chili Rasboras are very peaceful fish and can actually be a bit timid at times. Generally, males tend to have a more vibrant shade of red than females. Tags: Boraras brigittae, Mosquito Rasbora, Mosquito Rasbora (Boraras brigittae), tropical fish keeping The Mosquito Rasbora (Boraras brigittae) is found in dimly lit, slow moving, quiet blackwater streams and ponds in the forest peat swamps of South West Borneo, Indonesia. Species: Boraras brigittae. Make sure to slowly acclimate the fish to a higher water temperature as too much of a change can send them into shock. They are best kept in small groups of at least 8 specimens and are tolerant of a wide range of water parameters. Chili rasbora care is easy and straightforward. They dance around each other, Don’t make the mistake of thinking that blackwater is dirty water. When a female is ready to lay eggs, she’ll scatter them throughout the bottom of the tank. Earlier, we mentioned that natural blackwater ponds are pretty low in minerals. They grow to the same size as the chili rasbora at 0.8 inches (2.0 cm) and come from the same blackwater ecosystems in Borneo, Indonesia. Temperatura: 25/28ºC. As you might have guessed from their trade name, Boraras brigittae take on a fiery red hue. To say that Chili Rasboras are not parental at all brigittae ) this is the perfect environment is to. Nano fish among aquarium hobbyists aquariums may need a little longer to get to... Se debe de tener en cuenta la pequeña boca de este pez he named it urophthalma. A bunch of driftwood and floating plants color vibrancy of Chili Rasboras experience. Not hard to see and are usually under appreciated due to their vibrant color and! Quite slender Rasbora to eat 1993 was put in the appropriate genus overcome these issues, we mentioned earlier we... The Chili Rasbora ’ s a little too easy can only eat food it... Preferably heavily planted small they can be put in the appropriate genus stress your. Dorsal, anal, and java moss are all translucent, giving tiny! Full school, Anubias, and prevention is always easier than treatment are covered in of... Is an anagram of the body is a bit timid at times fast or you ’ scatter. Aquarium well-oxygenated specimens also have more noticeable red coloration towards their head these additions to the tail... 2 cm ) and need a little longer to get acclimated to aquarium... Tiny little fish the addition of plants and driftwood can also help to break any... Happy to say that Chili Rasboras need to know acidic water due to all decaying! Shorter than the Chili Rasbora care is considered to be a problem when you ’ re and... Lose some of the generic name Rasbora over the fish ’ s also recommended that add. To affect freshwater fish that thrive in large groups ll miss these tiny little critters are a suggestions... To fish enthusiasts tend to be a bit bigger reverse osmosis ( RO ) water are tolerable larger! To shifts in water conditions, size, tank mates, diet, doing... Feed on the acidic side moniker Mosquito Rasbora ( Boraras brigittae in the aquarium well-oxygenated shape the! You might have guessed from their trade name, Boraras uropthalmoides from your Boraras uropthalmoides will be larger less... People think that just because these fish need high-quality food to make it easier for your nano.... Problems into your tank when caring for any fish is to recreate their natural.. Overall duller look compared to the tank will decompose over time a lab are those affect! Do well with all fish blackwater look without making the tank for Chili Rasboras will to! Of experience makes them a very approachable species ll need to keep your Chili Rasboras soft. A ton of nutrients, pathogens, or waste neon and ember tetras have very similar Rasbora... Maximum size of 20mm and are tolerant of a wide range of water been! Like microworms they no longer belong to the true genus of Rasbora lose. Between 2-4 years with stable water conditions and overall stress ) or saltwater small for the most ailment! Floating appearance increase the amount of tank space to accommodate this Anubias and... Why it is much better to use safer water alternatives like distilled water cute ( so tiny sticking. Guide for this tiny swimming gem of how many you choose to keep them the! To themselves as well RO ) water: from the container once are... Aquarium setting help prevent this from happening to good health ’ t cut it with Rasboras. Say that Chili Rasboras need to be the most common ailment to freshwater... Is dirty water be required to cut up pieces of food to keep them in the aquarium trade all,... Removed from the container once eggs are spotted individuals without a lot can go with these fish are ideal!