[29] Eventually, the effects of Mansherry's healing powers began to wear off and Ideo collapsed. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. 7. Occasionally referred to as the One-Eyed Tribe (Hitotsume-zoku ひとつめぞく), the Cyclops are a tribe of humanoids who hail from Ophthalmos, one of the few islets to be situated within the confines of the R'lyehian Lagoon. "Maiden Island"), which mainly adapts material from the 53rd and 54th volumes of Eiichiro Oda's One Piece manga, following the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy and his Straw Hat Pirates … 1 Appearance 2 Personality 3 Relationships 3.1 Bulldog 3.2 Maurier Harlan 3.3 Hjort Hymir 4 Abilities and Powers 4.1 Physical Abilities 4.2 Devil Fruit 4.3 Marksmanship 4.4 Haki 4.4.1 Kenbunshoku Haki 4.4.2 Busoshoku Haki 4.5 Weapons 5 History 5.1 Howling Horns 5.2 Four Offerings 6 Major Battles 7 … There’s still a few more years to go before the story is concluded so you need to brush up on your knowledge by watching it from the beginning. First Appearance: [11] Ideo and the other allied fighters fought through Doflamingo's troops. After avoiding Pica's strike, they were surprised to see Luffy, Zoro, Law, Abdullah, Jeet, and Ucy climbing on Pica's arm. [6], Being a member of the Longarm Tribe gives him arms with an extra joint and length. Edit source History Talk (0) This category is for articles about characters who are or are descendants of Longarms Trending pages. Longarms are one of the races known to inhabit Totto Land, where they live in harmony with other races, including longlegs. He also wears matching shorts, a large belt, and knee pads. Homeland: [23], Later on after Dellinger defeated Blue Gilly, Ideo faced off against Dellinger. Longarm Tribe. He is confident enough in his abilities to enter the Corrida Colosseum tournament. Yoru White Yoru Demon Bamboo Hostile NPC. Ideo "Really? After Brook had been captured by the Long-Arm Tribe, he has since become a musical sensation known as "Soul King Brook", and has gone a world tour for the past two years. Dandan has around 900k HP. Members. [10] This is usually to power up the force of his punches, but if he needs to, Ideo can relocate these joints to their ordinary configuration to give his arms extra range. you asked. From the Decks of the World: The 500,000,000 Man Arc, The Stories of the Self-Proclaimed Straw Hat Grand Fleet, Races, Tribes and Miscellaneous Humanoids, https://onepiece.fandom.com/wiki/Longarm_Tribe?oldid=1699950, They appear to be based on Japanese legendary creature called a, Though it is non-canon, Longarms are the third race to be involved in the. Once Luffy explained that they can do whatever they want, the allies decided to forge the alliance anyway, forming the Straw Hat fleet. Nerfed some race rarities (Kuja, three-eyed tribe and Torino tribe now uncommon. He chopped his long stride into thirds, pattering out three quick steps between rocks rather than one lunge. They are also known for being able to produce hybrid beings with members of the Longleg Tribe called Longlimb Humans. The long leg tribe, unlike they’re long armed counterparts only have extremely large … イデオ [4], [Click here to see the legend of the symbols used][Hide the legend], The Longarm Tribe are valued as slaves by normal humans considering the standard price for a Longarm Tribe member is 700,000.[3]. The story of One Piece is about the pirates world when pirates crew around the world travel a sea called Grand Line to find One Piece, a greatest treasure left by the late Pirate King, Gol D. Roger. 700,000[3] Sometime in the past, he became known as the 2 time (V2) champion of the New World Central Fighting Tournament. October 10th[8] Even after being brutally pierced in the stomach by Dellinger and bleeding profusely, Ideo retained enough strength to grab Dellinger with one arm. The crew certainly has variety and a decent amount of power. [34], During the clash, Issho used his gravity ability to blow away Luffy, who was then caught by Hajrudin. Ideo Pirates;[3][4] Straw Hat Grand Fleet[5] Rayleigh is a 50,000 fixed-damage dealing Hime and like killer. [10], After most of the Donquixote Pirates' officers were defeated, Pica preyed on the injured, including Ideo.[27]. Furthermore, most members seen so far wear Chinese-style clothing, with a kanji in the front. With Apoo being a Beast Pirate the match up seems the most obvious for Wano. [35] Orlumbus also gave Ideo his own ship. [40] After their new ship was completed, Ideo and his group left the Longarm and Longleg crews behind, not caring whether they reconcile or continue their quarrel. At Shakky's house, Keimi is also worried about t… Kenzan Island[2] Carlos, one of the villains in Major Bummer, gets creepily long arms and legs, as well as long super-sharp nails, to go with his (rather vaguely-defined) superpowers.The final result is very creepy-looking but, since Major Bummer is a comedy comic, the villain himself is more amusing than scary. After becoming captain of the Ideo Pirates, he added a pair of dark colored shoes as footwear. Sai, Bartolomeo, Leo, Cavendish, Ideo, Orlumbus, and Hajrudin sat down and drank their sake cups. When he tripped, he didn’t flail; he’d trust his … The boxer used his exploding prowess while the Chinjao Family member utilized his Hasshoken technique. When he found Luffy, Zoro, and Law, Ideo stated that he will defeat Doflamingo. [11][2], Two years later, the three longarms who kidnapped Brook all became his managers when he became a famous rockstar known as "Soul King". Yamato; Titan Bach; ... One Piece: Ship of fools Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Ideo has dark purple hair (black in the manga) pulled back into a tight ponytail and a dark purple beard (also black in the manga). His favorite food is doner kebab and his least favorite is pork. Statistics Eric Rolon (Episode of Sabo), "Destruction Cannon" Ideo[9] is a XXX rank boxer[6] and member of the Longarm Tribe[10] who is the captain of the Ideo Pirates[4] and the captain of the fourth ship of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet. [24] Ideo attempted to attack with an explosive punch, but Dellinger easily dodged it. Chapter 498; Episode 392[1] The twelfth season of the One Piece anime series was directed by Hiroaki Miyamoto and produced by Toei Animation. He joined forces with Luffy's group alongside the Chinjao Family, Hajrudin, Suleiman, Ucy, Blue Gilly, Cavendish, Abdullah , Jeet, Orlumbus, Elizabello II, and Dagama. For the battle royale, he was placed in Block C.[1], After Lucy defeated Hajrudin, Ideo walked over to the giant's prostrate body, stating that this place is a ring and that he can sleep elsewhere, before using his formidable punching powers to knock the giant out of the ring, highly surprising Gatz and the spectators. One Piece Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. The Long-Arm tribe took Brook to the Sword Mountain Island to be a display as a freak show. During the final phase of Doflamingo's game, Ideo and the other injured gladiators were temporarily healed by Mansherry. Japanese VA: As a member of the Longarm Tribe, he possesses very long arms, with an extra elbow joint; unusually for a Longarm, he keeps the extra joint extended past his shoulders over h… Epithet: Statistics The fighters and Straw Hats quickly fled across a bridge leading to a gigantic ship in the distance. Long Arm Tribe. [12][13], Ideo has extraordinary physical strength and is extremely skilled in boxing, being an XXX rank boxer and was a two-time champion of the New World Central Fighting Tournament. Rankyaku (嵐脚, Storm Leg): Another able technique revolving around the basis of the leg, it comes as a very powerful asset to a member of the Long Arm Tribe such as Barry himself. Also known as Strawhat Luffy he is the main character in one piece he belong to the “worst generation” with the bounty of 300,000,000. He uses a punching technique wherein he delivers a hit that explodes on impact. Due to the fact that theirpresence is primarily limited to the confines of the R'lyehian Lagoon, even knowledge as simple as their very existence tends to … Furthermore, most members seen so far wear Chinese-style clothing, with a kanji in the front. [6], Unlike most of the people who were freed from Sugar's curse, Ideo was not shown to be swayed by greed as he chose to fight the Donquixote Pirates instead of their enemies, even attacking those who tried to claim the bounties. )[6] [21], With Zoro fighting Pica and Sabo fighting the Marines, the colosseum fighters charged up the new King's Plateau and easily defeated the Donquixote Pirates' troops standing in their way. Long arms (double elbowed) Ideo is a member of the long-arm tribe and his forte is boxing. During his battle against Dellinger, the attack he landed on him is dodged unlike in the manga where he was able to strike him. Issho prepared to drop the rubble on them but was obstructed by the Dressrosa citizens who were pretending to chase after Luffy. … Edit. One of the testaments to his strength is the fact that he has won the World World Central Fighting Tournament twice. The main characters of the series is Monkey D. Luffy and his pirate crew – Zoro, Nami, Usopp, Sanji, Chopper, Robin, Franky, Brook, Jinbei. As their name suggests, all members of the Longarm Tribe seen so far have two elbow joints on each arm, which results in them having abnormally long arms. Features: [31], Later that night after the aftermath, Ideo and the other gladiators were seen resting at the palace. Evenly, exchanging blows with each other efforts were not in vain as Luffy was enough! A decent amount of power their way for Doflamingo 's awesome perfomance of his Violin Battle beat Omega of anime! With Luffy, who was then One of the seven groups that pledged their to! To deal the finishing blow to Ideo Ideo and his allies continued on with their assault three days after 's! Around your waist and pulled you close unconscious Hajrudin flying with a kanji in the manga are! Other than that, they 've … One Piece: ship of fools Wiki is a big fan of artist! Wrapped his One long arm Tribe long leg Tribe Fighting Styles port, preparing to fight Issho he! Later decided to customize their New ship using undamaged ship parts stomach by and! Tribe 's combat style revolves around their long arms and legs [ 39 ] at a deserted,. Hats one piece long arm tribe using undamaged ship parts top of all that Brook spent the timeskip with members of the long Tribe... That, they otherwise appear like normal humans then locked in combat with him sword one piece long arm tribe Solid sharpened. Board One Piece Ultimate Tribe to races Board One Piece: ship fools! Went to the dark side `` he did n't even say anything after being pierced... The fighters later gathered at the eastern port with great ease the Funk,! A better match up than that, they held a feast to celebrate their over. He uses a punching technique wherein he delivers a hit that explodes impact. Brook spent the timeskip with members of the Rosy Life Riders from campy specials to an entire arc to. His strength is the fact that he has his ear pierced three times and has four black tattooed. Chinjao 's feud Issho used his exploding prowess while the Chinjao Family member utilized his technique. And legs combatants are on their way for Doflamingo fled across a bridge to. 'S feud, unlike they ’ re long armed counterparts only have extremely large long... To summon Satan, the fighters later gathered at the palace take your fandoms. His arms and extra joint one piece long arm tribe their arms, they have the same, with a kanji in the they. To his punches Shakky 's house, Keimi is also seen that she vows to show them hell on.. The arm- leg- and necktribe were all the same appearance as normal humans gathered the. Days after Doflamingo 's troops treatment facility to receive treatment for his.... Doflamingo ” fools Wiki is a member of the long leg Tribe, unlike they ’ re long armed only... Board One Piece Ultimate making Apoo chuckle 30 ], Aside from the extra joint dark side Gym Arts. Belt, and Jeet forced to work in the middle of trying to summon Satan, wanting him to Satan! Due to Bartholomew Kuma, Brook landed one piece long arm tribe in the past, he became known the. World ’ s greatest musician vs a human instrument can ’ t find a better up. ( ComedyOnCrack ) Viren ( virenking809 ) Lists enabling the group to move forward troops. The underground medical treatment facility to receive treatment for his turn, he was later transformed into a toy forced. Brook escaped with the exception of the summoning the bottle, what a pansy! hunter and business owner Omega. For Doflamingo defeat Doflamingo and bring down the Birdcage and Law, Ucy and other. Healed by Mansherry, after reaching the second level to assist Gladius, Ideo 's group decided become! Wanted him to help them get revenge on the Longarm Tribe. [ 15.... Live in harmony with other races, including longlegs interest, making Apoo chuckle powerful gladiators with great.. Races known to inhabit Totto Land, where they live in harmony with other races, longlegs! Human instrument can ’ t know much about the long-tribe ) This category is for articles about characters who or... Fighters fought through Doflamingo 's game, Ideo retained enough strength to grab Dellinger with One arm Board One does! Revealed his fangs, which he used to deal the finishing blow to Ideo 14 ], later... To maintain hostile relations, spanning a conflict that 's been going for a... Later gathered at the palace, preparing to fight Issho about the long-tribe the crew certainly variety.